What is a Magnet School – Synergy School of Tomorrow Ft Pierce Florida

A magnet school is a type of public school with a specific curricular focus while remaining a part of the local public school system. Magnet schools first emerged in the 1960s to racially desegregate schools and allow for more diversity in classrooms.

These schools were designed based on offering students an alternative education extensively focused on a particular area of interest to draw students from several school districts.

Today, magnet schools in the United States are created around core principles: family and community partnerships, high-quality instructional systems, academic excellence, diversity, and innovative curriculum, and professional development.

Is the Education Better at Magnet Schools vs. Traditional Public Schools?

Additionally, Magnet schools’ specialized programs and mission of excellence in education depend heavily on additional funding from local, state, and federal sources through grants and donations. In 2013, the U.S. Department of Education  allocated nearly $90 million in special grants to magnet schools throughout the country to increase access to their programs by local families.

One of the most noticeable trends involving magnet schools, and one of the reasons for constant complaint against them, is that they tend to attract some of the more ‘gifted’ students away from traditional public schools. As a result, magnet schools maintain an exceptionally high academic achievement, higher rates of attendance and graduation, and more active involvement on the parts of both families and communities.

Magnet schools are incredibly specialized and accentuate a particular area of study or a technique of teaching. Certain magnet schools are geared towards mathematics and science, while others focus on the performing arts. The idea is to draw students who excel in these specific subjects to a school that will foster their particular interest and boosts their success.

Are Magnet Schools the Best Choice for Your Child?

Not only do magnet schools focus on a particular area of study for your child, but they also teach valuable skills of cooperation, interaction, and teamwork that your child will be able to use in real-life scenarios.

Magnet schools’ benefits range from increased engagement with your child due to a more personalized teaching approach to empowering students to pursue their passions. We have compiled a list of other benefits that Magnet Schools provide:

  • No tuition
  • Lower teacher-student ratios
  • Hands-on learning
  • Increases children’s interest and involvement in their education
  • Offers school choice
  • Fosters Innovation
  • Improves school integration
  • Encourage creativity of educators
  • Expanding career options  

Applying for a Magnet School?

The application process for magnet schools varies by school and district, but most are based on a lottery system, and parents must apply for a chance to earn their child a spot. The admission criteria are also based on standardized test scores, first come-first serve applications, and percentages set aside for neighborhood residents.

Magnet Schools can be a great way to get your child the personalized education they need about a field of study they are interested in.

To learn more about the various curriculum offered and how to enroll CLICK HERE

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