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Financial Education Services Fredericksburg VA FEN Team

Join Vince and Shandelin, with Financial Education Services at Bacchus Winery in Fredericksburg VA and learn how to get your real estate clients APPROVED…http://www.financialempowermentnetwork.com/real-estate/financial-education-services-fredericksburg-va/ Advertisements

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Phoenix Arizona Financial Education Services Financial Empowerment Network

Financial Education Services is on a major expansion in the Phoenix Arizona market. Join us in spreading financial literacy and build a successful business.http://www.financialempowermentnetwork.com/financial-education-services/phoenix-arizona-financial-education-services/

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The Cost of Ignorance

Education is expensive. No doubt about. But, ignorance can be even more expensive. And literacy goes way beyond being able to read and write. I’m talking about what’s called “financial intelligence.” Think about it. How much did you learn …http://www.financialempowermentnetwork.com/financial-literacy/the-cost-of-ignorance/

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